Doing Business with C.E. Dudley

An individual or entity wishing to do business with C. E. Dudley can email, mail or fax the following information to:


C.E. Dudley

1018 Wildwood Road

Aiken, SC 29801

(803) 648-2483

  • Name of person or entity requesting services
  • Street Address
  • City, State, Zip of entity
  • Name, Telephone, Fax and Email of contact person
  • Email
  • Property Description- Location including Address, Tax Parcel Number, Location if rural by approx distance and direction from a known municipality or intersection of major highways that would show on a state highway map.
  • Provide non returnable copy of existing plat and deed if possible.
  • Area, Terrain, Vegetative Cover (Wooded, Field, etc), Boundary condition including (streams, ponds, highways, etc.).
  • Structures on the property and other improvements, Access, Intended Use of the Property if to be developed.
  • Services being requested, Deadlines to accomplish portions of the services, or all services.
  • Other professionals involved (by name), such as other engineers,architects, surveyors, land planners, wetlands delineators, environmental assessors, etc.
  • Public agencies to be involved if any.
  • Construction Budget if applicable