About C.E. Dudley


C. E. Dudley provides Professional Civil Engineering and Land Surveying Services throughout South Carolina and Georgia. Standard service provided by CE Dudley include site plan preparation for residential, commercial, schools, and industrial sites, hydrology and stormwater management, erosion control, municipal services, and land surveying. These professional technical services are provided in one of two operating modes:

1. For small site design, consulting services, investigations and opinions based on research, C. E. Dudley is "hands on" as the prime professional actually performing the services. The services provided by technicians, trainees, interns, and/or sub-contractors are in support of the prime professional services performed by C.E. Dudley.

2. For larger site designs and other projects requiring extensive plan preparation, site mapping, modeling and involved report preparation, C. E. Dudley engages in contractual time share with the firms, J. W. Buckley and Associates, Inc., H. Lawson Graham & Associates, Inc., and W. Hunter Saucy, III, P.C., or their individual personnel, to provide the necessary number of persons with proper expertise and capability to complete the job requirements. Up to thirty persons of all technical expertise levels are available, some with advanced degrees, and at least six possessing licenses for either Engineering or Land Surveying, or both, in either South Carolina or Georgia, or both states.

C. E. Dudley has been providing these services since 1975. Prior to beginning his practice, C. E. Dudley was City Engineer and Director of Public Works for the City of Aiken. He has also been an Engineer with the City of Augusta Engineering Department, Zimmerman, Evans and Leopold Engineers, Inc., and Baldwin & Cranston Associates, Inc. (the forerunner of Cranston, Robertson and Whitehurst), in Augusta.

C. E. Dudley holds a Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering from Georgia Tech, with additional studies in the University of South Carolina system. C. E. Dudley is licensed to practice Engineering and Land Surveying in South Carolina and Georgia.